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Application Features

When developing Avocadolist, we above all wanted to make your trip to the store as comfortable as possible.

The shopping list
is always at hand

Making purchases is now even easier. Forget about notes that get lost constantly.
The app is always available for iPhone and
Android users, or online via the web-version.

User-friendly design

User-friendly design, attention to detail.

Huge product

Make big purchases. How about compiling a "Birthday", "Diet Week: Nutrition Program," or "Home Purchases for a Month" list? The products are constantly added to the database.

Calculation and comparison
of the value of the products

Choose products at the best price and enter them in the list, your shopping will be cheaper.


Count the amount of calories
in particular products.

Calculation of the cost
of the list

Mark the price of goods
and get the final cost of the list.

Create and share your purchase lists

Create and submit lists. You can manage your lists either through the application or via the website.

Use reminders, so the app can remind you to make purchases for home on time. The reminders duration is unlimited; it can be a week, a month or more.

Using iOS for iPhone, as well as Android, you can create reminders for geolocation.

The function is great for users keeping to a diet. The app will remind you to have a meal at home or in the office, or buy the necessary product in a particular location – we will help you to follow your nutrition program.

List the necessary products using iOS for iPhone, Android, or online via the web-site.

You can create as many lists as needed. Week, Month, New Year - give them any names.

Edit the list itself, removing unwanted products right in the store or online at home via computer.

Your list can also be used by the whole family, just send it to them. Do not be on you own when shopping for birthday or New Year, do it for two or in a group.

Enter new products in the list, they will be also displayed on other devices.

Avocadolist is an app for creating and sharing shopping lists.

A hard week or month is ahead, and there will be no time to be distracted? Create shopping lists today. It is ideal for those who do not like to spend a lot of time shopping at the store.

You can have one account and delete products using the app for two. It is available for iOS and Android users and does not require online access.


Here are some of the functions of the Avocadolist in action:


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  • Best Shopping List App!
    by intragroove
    This is exactly what I've been looking for! I have been a long time user of the BuyMeAPie app because of the simplicity and synching with many users, but have been frustrated with their lack of care in adding useful features that their customers want. I've been in correspondence with them about this and could rant about it a bit more, but the point is that Avocadolist gets things right in so many ways where others have failed (I've tried all the shopping apps looking for a good replacement). This has a few more features than I'll probably use, but it stays simple, and doesn't feel bloated or overwhelming. The two things I like most, are being able to add comments to items (which are visible from the list), and the labeled categories that you can customize with different icons and colors (although, I would like a wider variety of icons and color selection). I'm so happy this app exists!
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  • Nice. Replaced grocery gadget
    by Nicholas_Name
    Tried a few others. This is a nice app to replace my previous grocery list. It is simple and quick to use. The icons for types are nice.
    View in iTunes
  • really good
    by Mir.zebr
    Very beautiful and comfortable app. Thx ☺️
    View in iTunes
  • Very nice animation
    by Nbti
    I like it
    View in iTunes

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