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10 Foods to Fill You Up

We need to restore our energy level to stay alert and efficient throughout the day. We use up our energy even when we lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to restore energy every two hours, and not wait till lunch, if you had breakfast at 7 am. Here is a list of 1o foods, which are a powerful energy source. You can take a helping of those in-between your main meals without worrying much about your shape.  

1. Nuts
Nuts are an ideal snack. They are as filling as potato chips, but unlike chips, which contain only fats, carbohydrates, preservation agents and flavour enhancers, nuts contain a whole set of valuable elements: vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential fatty acids. Optimum daily intake is 30-50 g, that is, not more than a handful of nuts a day.

2. Cottage-cheese
100 g of cottage-cheese contains up to 20 g of protein. Eat a 200 g pack of cottage-cheese for your second breakfast and you will boost your energy level to last for the rest of the day. Pay attention to fat content though. It should not be higher than 5%. Fat-free cottage-cheese is not recommended either. It is too dry and you would hardly want to ever eat cottage-cheese again after that.

3. Fried soybean pods
Fried soybean pods are a popular dish in Japan and China. In the Western countries it can be found in stores as a semi-finished product. Soybeans are highly rich in nutrients, including proteins.

4. Natural yoghurt
Natural non-drinking yoghurt is very good for health. Filtration, during which whey is removed along with excess fats and carbohydrates, is the key to success of this drink. Greek yoghurt, for instance, is well known for its high protein value (about 12 g per pack of yoghurt).    

5. Lentils
Many Asian nations eat this plant instead of bread or even meat. Lentils are highly rich in protein – about 22 g per cup. A lentil salad will make a filling snack.

6. Chicken eggs
Probably you won’t have a chance to make an omelette in your office, but you can take 1 or 2 boiled chicken eggs with you to work. It will make an easy and filling snack.

7. Dried fruit
Dried fruit contains more nutrients than fresh fruit. Really? Yes! Dried fruit contains bioactive substances in a concentrated form. That’s why even a handful of this gift of nature can supply essential vitamins, mineral salts, pectin and fibre we all need.

8. Water-melon
An excellent snack on a hot summer day. It contains lycopene, which contributes to cancer prevention.  It is recommended to eat water-melons on empty stomach. Like any other fat-free berry, water-melons are quickly digested and are not subject to gastric fermentation.

9. Carrots
This crunchy sweetish vegetable is a component of healthy and balanced eating, even as a snack. It is rich in vitamin A contributing to good eyesight. Carrots can be an excellent light and nutritious snack during the day, when combined with other products.

10. Bananas
Bananas are a tasty, delicate and sweet treat. This fruit is rich in potassium contributing to healthy blood pressure and cardiac function. If you want to boost your energy level, bananas are an excellent choice.

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