4/10/2015 11:57

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Five Foods to Make You a Genius

Despite some serious breakthroughs in studies of the human cerebrum that have happened recently, this part of our body is still a mystery. We have figured out how certain brain cells function, but our understanding of how the human brain works as a single entity based on interaction of zillions of neurons is way too tenuous. One thing is known for sure though: there are foods that have a positive effect on our brain activity. You won’t become an Einstein if you eat them every day, but then, who knows? It is still a terra incognita…

Sea fish
Sea fish is a number one food, capable to improve one’s mental abilities. According to experts, it contains certain fatty acids our body needs. Fatty acids trigger a drastic drop in blood cholesterol, thus having a positive effect on the cerebrum, heart and blood vessels and preventing development of depression and senile dementia.

Dairy products
Dairy products, and milk and cheese in particular, increase cognitive abilities, such as thinking, spatial orientation, understanding, computation, learning, speech, and reasoning.

Pulses have a major effect on formation of the grey matter of the central nervous system. The most popular pulses are peas, beans and lentils.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a pigment that improves mental capacity and prevents aging of brain cells. In other words, tomatoes stimulate neuronal activity in the brain.

Walnuts improve brain function and memorization due to interaction of its components: polyphenol antioxidants and omega-3-fatty acids.   


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