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Natural Energizers: 10 Foods to Boost Your Mood

We have all experienced a lack of energy, negativity or low spirits, especially in autumn and winter. It doesn’t feel nice and it might interfere with one’s plans, so it is better to get over such an emotional state as soon as possible. Why does it happen? The reason is lack of certain chemicals in our body inducing positive emotional attitude. There are foods that can fill this gap. Here are top 10 foods that can boost your mood.  

1. Walnuts
Nuts are loaded with magnesium, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants and hence are good for vascular and nervous systems. They also contain vitamin B6 (the so-called mood vitamin), which ensures proper function of brain cells and helps to maintain good mood.

2. Chicken eggs
It is a scientifically proven fact that eating chicken eggs makes people kinder. Eggs contain tryptophan involved in synthesis of serotonin, which affects one’s mood and induces a feeling of happiness. Eggs also contain essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, carotenes and B vitamins, deficiency of which causes depression.

3. Salmon
Fish is an excellent food for dinner. Eating salmon is an effective tool to handle anxiety and restore your mental performance after a tedious day at work.


4. Cereal bread
Cereal bread is another natural energizer. Most varieties of cereal bread contain amino acids, including tryptophan, involved in synthesis of serotonin, which maintains mood balance.  

5. Red meat
According to recent studies, red meat is a serious mood booster, and giving it up doubles a risk of depression. Despite the wide-spread belief that red meat is bad for one’s health, scientists claim that people, who do not eat red meat, suffer from iron deficiency. Such people get tired quickly and are more prone to depressions than those who do eat red meat in small quantities.   

6. Green tea
Tea contains caffeine, which is called theine. It has a much milder effect on humans than caffeine. Theine is a known cure for blues and bad mood.

7. Black chocolate
Many scientists believe that the famous natural energizer – black chocolate – improves mood and is indeed a cure for chronic fatigue. And according to Debra Waterhouse from California, the author of Why Women Need Chocolate, women often indulge in this treat because it helps them to handle PMS.

8. Seeds and pulses
Pumpkin seeds and pulses are even more effective energizers than chocolate. They supply chemicals our body needs for normal function of the central nervous system and contribute to production of serotonin – a pleasure hormone.

9. Coffee
Natural ground coffee (never instant coffee!) improves mood, just like chocolate, energizes and helps to get over depression. Caffeine stimulates production of dopamine – a chemical inducing a feeling of happiness, which is naturally produced in response to pleasurable activities, like sex.

10. Laminaria
Laminaria contains magnesium, vitamins B5 and B2, which induce a surge of energy and vigour, improve mood and promote wound healing. Vitamin B5, for instance, maintains normal function of adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline.  

And now the most important thing!
All these foods will do you good only if you stick to healthy eating habits. Eating loads of nuts for a week, moving to chocolate next and drinking coffee a few times a day won’t do the trick. Actually, the effect might be quite the opposite.

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