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Seven Foods You Can Use Not as Intended

Read this bit and you will find out how to remove stains with a lemon, to get rid of an unpleasant smell with coffee, to revitalize skin with tea or to remove lime scale with vinegar.  These foods can be found in any household, and yet you can also use them not as intended.

1. Excellent antiseptic. Brush your old cutting board over with half a lemon or just squeeze some lemon juice on the board and leave it there for a while. It is an excellent antiseptic treatment, which will also give a pleasant smell to the surface.
2. Lemon has a bleaching effect and removes stains from clothes. Warm water with lemon juice is an excellent hand soak. It removes cooking smells from your hands and whitens nails. Bleaching properties of the lemon can be used for your garment care. Lemon juice is effective for removing wine and rust stains.
3. Lemon removes lime scale. Lemon juice and peel can help to remove lime scale. Add those into a kettle with water, boil and let it cool.

1. Coffee removes unpleasant smells. Wet coffee grounds are effective for cleaning an ash-tray. Coffee absorbs unpleasant smell and also works as an abrasive. Let coffee grounds dry, put it in a container into a fridge. It will help to separate smells of different foods and dishes and won’t let them blend.
2. Good for body care. Coffee grounds are full of nourishing oils, so you can use them as a body scrub. It will remove cellular debris and moisturize skin.  
3. Coffee can be used for covering scratches. One can make use of dyeing properties of coffee grounds. For instances, you can apply coffee grounds to cover a scratch on dark brown furniture or a handbag. Be careful though, and first check the effect on some inconspicuous spot.

1. Tea removes smells from clothes. Tea, just as coffee, absorbs unpleasant smells. If your gym bag developed a smell, put unused tea-bags into an inside pocket.
2. Tea for a fresh look. Used tea is a well-tried remedy for eyelid swelling and reddening. Wrap brewed tea in a gauze and place it on your eyes for 15 minutes.
3. Tea can help to make a designer paper. Tea can be used for designer purposes, such as aged paper for a greeting card or an invitation. Take a heavy paper and put it into hot and strong brewed tea for 2 minutes. Then take it out, let it dry and iron it. For a better effect, you can crease the paper first, or add a drop of brewed tea on the treated paper and burn the edges with a lighter.

1. Sugar can make your lips look nic. Sugar, just as salt, has a scrubbing effect. You can use sugar to treat chapped lips, which is a problem in winter time when lips get weather-beaten and start to hurt and peel away. Add sugar to honey or vegetable oil and rub it into your lips. Do it a few times and your lips will look perfect with any lipstick on!
2. Sugar can make flowers last longer. Add 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar into a vase with water (per 1 litre). Sugar will provide nutrition for flowers and vinegar will kill bacteria, so the flowers will cheer you up longer.
3. A remedy for burn blisters. Many people like to have their tea or soup really hot, and thus run a risk of getting burn blisters. If it happens, take a bit of sugar in your mouth, it will soothe the pain.

1. A remedy for mildew stains. Summer rattan furniture can be treated with special products to protect it from mildew caused by dampness and humidity typical for our climate. In case you don’t have any, treat your arm-chairs kept outdoors in a pergola, on a balcony or a porch with a salt solution from time to time. You can do the same with furniture in a bathroom. Mildew stains on fabric can be removed with a mix of salt and lemon juice.
2. Peeling. Salt is one of the most popular ingredients for body scrubs. You can make a nice warming anti-cellulite scrub at home. Just mix medium grain sea salt with honey. And salt with any oil is an excellent nourishing and moisturizing remedy.
3. Stars or snowflakes for your child’s paintings. If you want to impress and teach your children something new, show them how to create a starry sky or a winter day on paper using water absorption properties of salt. Paint a background and while it is still wet apply coarse sea salt. You will see pretty white stains on spots when salt grains touched the paper. Let it dry and then lightly shake the paper to remove salt. Stars or snowflakes are ready!

Chicken eggs
1. Chicken eggs alleviate pain caused by burn. If you got minor burns when cooking, apply a raw egg white to the affected spot. It will alleviate the pain and reduce the chance for having blisters.
2. Hair care. Egg yolk is an excellent nourishing remedy for dry and combination type hair. It can be mixed with honey, oil or yogurt. Common rule for all egg masks: use eggs brought to room temperature, apply mask to dry hair and rinse with cool or slightly warm water.
3. Fertilization. Eggshell is a well-known source of calcium, needed not only for humans but plants as well. To make a fertilizer for house plants, make an eggshell infusion. Crush eggshell to dust (you may use a blender), add water and let it infuse for 2-3 days. Use the water as a fertilizer for your plants.

1. Vinegar removes sticker residue. Sticker residue on a wrapped gift looks awkward. To remove a stain, warm up white vinegar and apply it to the spot with a cotton swab. Or better pour some vinegar on the sticker and it will unstick easily. Still do it carefully not to ruin the wrapping.
2. Remedy for dried up paintbrushes. Your children did some painting and forgot to clean paintbrushes. To remove the paint, put brushes in a pot with vinegar and let them soak for an hour, then warm up the pot slowly. You can rub the brushes against the pot bottom to remove the paint quicker.
3. Vinegar can unclog a drain. Clogged drain is most unpleasant. If you don’t have any special drain cleaners at home, take half a glass of vinegar and a quarter of a glass of salt, pour it into the drain first and then add boiling water in a little while.

As you can see, foods you can surely find at home can be used for sorting out your household problems.

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