15/10/2015 10:40

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Seven Foods You Should Not Store in a Fridge

Refrigerator is a salvation for busy people of modern times. This piece of equipment helps to store perishables for a long time and allows for ample cooking. Yet not all foods can be stored at low temperature. Appearance and taste of many foods can be affected by the cold. Here is a list of products you’d better not keep in your fridge.

Garlic doesn’t like the cold. It can be stored at room temperature. The most important is for a storage place to be dry and well-ventilated.

Potato starch turns unto sugar at low temperature. So if you want potatoes to have a proper taste, keep them in a pantry in a paper bag.     

Many people keep bread in a fridge. But it gets stale even quicker there. It is better to store it at room temperature. However, keep in mind that bread cannot be stored for longer than four days.

Tomatoes are heat-loving. It is better to keep them at room temperature. The longer they are stored in a fridge, the quicker they deteriorate.

Basil is a heat-loving plant so it has to be stored at room temperature. Put it in a glass of water to keep it fresh for a while.  

Bananas must be stored in a warm place. When affected by the cold, they start rotting and lose their taste. Also bananas are tasty when ripe, and they won’t get ripe if kept in a fridge.


Keeping chocolate in a fridge doesn’t do any good. Low temperature causes condensate to appear on the surface, which dries up and covers chocolate with white coating.  

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