3/10/2015 11:57

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Tips for Choosing Foods in a Supermarket

An average person eats about 60 t of food in a lifetime. So, food we consume have a direct impact on our health. Here you can find tips for choosing quality foods in a supermarket.

See, touch and smell
Apply the so-called organoleptic method, which means using your five senses – sight, smell, sound, touch and taste – to determine quality of foods. First of all, they must be appealing. Each food has its intrinsic beauty. Pay attention to visible defects, such as dimples and bruises, cracks and others, caused by inadequate storage or shipment.

Make sure to check best before date
Remember to check best before date on a shop’s label, and on a manufacturer’s label as well. Be careful with perishables (meat, fish, etc.). Check whether they are stored correctly. But never discard such foods from your menu.

Give priority to local produce
Select local produce. Foods shipped from afar may not be fresh, and if they do look fresh, it might mean they contain food additives to make them last longer.

Health benefits
Remember, that foods with most health benefits are those which are originally edible. Soybeans, for instance, are turned into food after some processing. If you want to buy something to “pamper yourself”, get a tasty fruit instead of low-quality sweets. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is good for you, but don’t forget – moderation is the key.

Develop a taste for good things
Taste of non-natural food (such as soybeans used for meat products) has become a standard and a fashion for many people lately. So how can you determine quality of foods you buy? It’s easy. Just buy a certified quality food once, and that will be your benchmark in future.  

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