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TOP 20 Interesting Facts about Avocado

Avocado at first glance is not a particularly appealing green fruit with a flat taste, yet it is gaining popularity all over the world. It is a healthy food and can be used as an ingredient in various dishes due to its all-compatible flavour.

Here we have gathered 20 most interesting facts about avocado, but rest assured, there is much more to say about this mysterious fruit.

Fact No. 1: Very ancient fruit 
Avocado has been known since old times. Avocado seeds were found in mummy tombs dating back 750-s BC. This fruit was depicted on cave drawings made over 12,000 years ago. And that means avocado was not only known, but also appreciated back then.

Fact No. 2: Avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable
Avocado’s appearance, flavour and even its chemical composition makes it similar to vegetables, yet it is a fruit with a single seed growing on trees up to 20 m high.

Fact No. 3: Avocado has many names
Avocado has had different names given by different nations in different times: alligator pear, poor man’s butter, soldier’s butter and others.

Fact No. 4: Avocado has earned itself a place in the Guinness Book of Records
Avocado was entered into the Guinness Book of Records on September 25, 1998 as the most nutritious fruit in the world.

Fact No. 5: Avocado has a Mexican origin
Avocado is originally a Mexican fruit, though now it is grown in Brazil, Africa, Israel and the USA.

Fact No. 6: Avocado has many varieties
It seems all avocados look the same, but in fact there are about one hundred varieties of this fruit. They vary in size (from 100 g to 2 kg), shape (round, oval, pear-shaped), colour (from deep green to deep violet), taste and fat content.

Fact No. 7: Avocado is a Spanish name
Avocado is a name made up by the Spanish, who were the first Europeans to taste this fruit.

Fact No. 8: Avocado is a food for diabetics
Avocado is an excellent tasty food for diabetic people. This fruit contains less than 1.5% sugars, but many vitamins and microelements, good for one’s health and strengthening one’s immunity system.  

Fact No. 9: Avocado belongs to the laurel family
Avocado belongs to the laurel family of plants, leaves of which are used as spices.

Fact No. 10: Avocado can cause poisoning
Avocado seed, leaves, rind and skin contain toxic substances, which can cause serious poisoning, so they are non-edible.

Fact No. 11: Avocado is as nutritious as meat
Avocado contains a lot of protein and can easily replace meat for vegetarians.

Fact No. 12: High nutrient value
100 g of avocado contain over 200 kcal, so this fruit is highly nutritious and can be used for cooking main dishes.

Fact No. 13: Don’t overcook
Avocado develops a bitter taste when overcooked. It is recommended to eat it raw, and if it has to be cooked first, go easy.

Fact No. 14: Avocado doesn’t like the cold
This southern fruit, just like bananas, doesn’t like the cold, so it is better to store it at room temperature.

Fact No. 15: Avocado is a recipe against aging and diseases
50 g of avocado contain a daily dose of carotenoids contributing to anti-aging at the cellular level, improving skin integrity and ensuring good eyesight.

Fact No. 16: Avocado contains only healthy fats
One third of the avocado fruit is made up of fats. These are healthy easily-digested unsaturated vegetable fats.

Fact No. 17: Avocado strengthens nervous system
Avocado is loaded with B vitamins and other substances having direct or indirect effect on the nervous system resistance to external stimuli. People eating avocado on a regular basis tend to be calmer and more organized, are able to withstand hardships and remain optimistic even under the most difficult life circumstances.

Fact No. 18: Avocado can cause allergies
People with citrus and latex allergies may have allergic reactions to avocado. So be careful.

Fact No. 19: Avocado is always green
Don’t choose an avocado by its colour. It varies from green to deep violet. Just squeeze the fruit. If it feels somewhat soft, then it’s ripe.

Fact No. 20: Aphrodisiac
Indigenous people believe avocado is a strong aphrodisiac, so when they want to wish young couples to have many children, they give a lot of avocados as a gift.

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