22/10/2015 10:6

Reading time: 2 minutes

Drinking Kefir: When, Who and How

Not everyone likes kefir, especially those of us who were forced to drink it as kids. As we grow older, we tend to look at things differently. And it applies to this healthy and unique product as well. If it’s been some time since you had a glass of kefir, read this bit. Who knows, you might want to add it to your shopping list now. So, let’s talk about this “royal” drink.

14/10/2015 11:54

Reading time: 3 minutes

10 Foods to Fill You Up

We need to restore our energy level to stay alert and efficient throughout the day. We use up our energy even when we lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to restore energy every two hours, and not wait till lunch, if you had breakfast at 7 am. Here is a list of 1o foods, which are a powerful energy source. You can take a helping of those in-between your main meals without worrying much about your shape.  

8/10/2015 11:56

Reading time: 6 minutes

Seven Foods You Can Use Not as Intended

Read this bit and you will find out how to remove stains with a lemon, to get rid of an unpleasant smell with coffee, to revitalize skin with tea or to remove lime scale with vinegar.  These foods can be found in any household, and yet you can also use them not as intended.