15/2/2016 16:51

Reading time: 2 minutes

Ways to get rid of garlic breath

Garlic is delicious and an integral ingredient in many dishes. However, the negative side-effect - garlic breath – makes one doubt whether it is really worth eating it. It is a sort of a turn-off, and it can last as long as 72 hours! We can suggest a number of effective ways to deal with garlic breath.

10/2/2016 17:3

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Eat and keep germs away – foods to eat to get rid of the flu

Gegen Grippe kann man auf unterschiedliche Art und Weise kämpfen: Tabletten oder Vitaminkomplexe nehmen, Anhäufungen von Menschen meiden. Oder einfach einige Produkte zu sich nehmen, die die Schutzkräfte des Organismus erhöhen oder ihm bei der Gesundung helfen.

11/12/2015 12:2

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7 Tips for Cost-Effective Grocery Shopping

Purpose of any grocery shopping is to do it on a budget. After all, supermarkets want to sell as much as possible and earn a profit. We’ve made up a few tips for cost-effective grocery shopping, which you may find useful.

15/10/2015 10:40

Reading time: 1 minute

Seven Foods You Should Not Store in a Fridge

Refrigerator is a salvation for busy people of modern times. This piece of equipment helps to store perishables for a long time and allows for ample cooking. Yet not all foods can be stored at low temperature. Appearance and taste of many foods can be affected by the cold. Here is a list of products you’d better not keep in your fridge.

13/10/2015 11:55

Reading time: 4 minutes

Natural Energizers: 10 Foods to Boost Your Mood

We have all experienced a lack of energy, negativity or low spirits, especially in autumn and winter. It doesn’t feel nice and it might interfere with one’s plans, so it is better to get over such an emotional state as soon as possible. Why does it happen? The reason is lack of certain chemicals in our body inducing positive emotional attitude. There are foods that can fill this gap. Here are top 10 foods that can boost your mood.