4/10/2015 11:57

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Five Foods to Make You a Genius

Despite some serious breakthroughs in studies of the human cerebrum that have happened recently, this part of our body is still a mystery. We have figured out how certain brain cells function, but our understanding of how the human brain works as a single entity based on interaction of zillions of neurons is way too tenuous. One thing is known for sure though: there are foods that have a positive effect on our brain activity. You won’t become an Einstein if you eat them every day, but then, who knows? It is still a terra incognita… 

3/10/2015 11:57

Reading time: 2 minutes

Tips for Choosing Foods in a Supermarket

An average person eats about 60 t of food in a lifetime. So, food we consume have a direct impact on our health. Here you can find tips for choosing quality foods in a supermarket.