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How to indicate quantity and cost of the goods?

When adding goods into the list you may indicate their quantity, measurement unit (kg, pcs., g) as well as their cost. It is important to indicate cost of each product if you would like to calculate the total cost of the whole list. When adding goods by means of hints, colon is entered automatically and after that you can indicate quantity of the goods right away. If you have entered the goods name entirely manually, without selection from the list of hints, the quantity can be indicated in two ways: 1. Enter colon after the name. 2. Touch the item ": quantity" in the window that appears. Cost of the goods can be indicated by entering "!" after quantity or by pressing "Price". It is also possible to add or change quantity or cost of the goods which are already in the list. Touch the name of the goods, swipe it to the left, keeping your finger on the screen, and select the item "Change".
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