Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Avocadolist values ​​the privacy of your personal data, and information that is stored in our service. Privacy Policy describes what information and for what purposes Avocadolist collects and processes it.

Collection and Usage of information

What information Avocadolist collects about users and for what purposes?
If you have registered and maintain an account in Avocadolist service:

  1. Your username, email address and notification settings.
    • For creation and maintenance of your account at Avocadolist .
    • To communicate with you.
    • To allow other users to contact you: share lists.
    • To send marketing emails and special offers, if you do not opt ​​out of this on the instructions given in the section "Do Avocadolst will communicate with me?".
    • To confirm your email address in order to prevent spam, fraud and abuse.
  2. Your name, picture and other personal information.
  3. The region in which you are using your device while using the Service and the selected language:
    • To locate your interaction with the service and improve understanding of how the service is used.
    • To assist us in complying with legal restrictions that could limit the possibility of using our service.
  4. Identifiers of your device:
    • To support your account.
    • For the calculation of anonymous aggregate statistics on the number of unique devices using Avocadolist service.
    • Along with information about the purchase, to help us to evaluate our compliance with legislation in the field of export.
  5. Your phone number
    • To prevent spam, fraud and abuse, as well as to assist in data recovery.
    • To provide an opportunity to share lists with other users of our Service.
  6. Actions to be taken when access to the service, including the use of certain service functions and storage of a specific content type (eg, PNG or JPG files), as well as the type of device and software.
    • To store personal user data.
    • In order to provide all functions for working with the Service.

What information Avocadolist collects about me and my device?
Avocadolist uses tracking and collection of information, which helps us to provide users of our services and study the characteristics of use of our service.

Will Avocadolist contact me?
From time to time, we may send you information about the update of our service, which, in our opinion, may be useful, and information about special offers. Accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to receive these messages from us. You can unsubscribe from these messages any time.

Information Access and DisclosureTo top

Does Avocadolist share my personal information or the content to third parties?
Avocadolist is not engaged in commercial activities related to the sale or lease of your information.

What information Avocadolist shares when I suggest sharing lists?
Avocadolist offers a function to work together - sharing lists. When you use this function for communication with other people, some personal information you have provided to Avocadolist, including your user status in Avocadolist service may be visible to other users.

We can request access to the contact list.
For your convenience, the application can request access to your contacts list. Your list of contacts will be displayed to you just to give you an easy way to select people you want to share the list with. We do not copy, store, share to third parties or use the data in any other way than indicated here.

Storage and Data TransferTo top

Avocadolist uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary equipment, software, data transmission on network, storage, and related technology required to run Avocadolst.
Despite the fact that Avocadolist owns source code, databases, and all rights to the application Avocadolist, you retain all rights to your data.

We are working to secure personal information
We are working to secure your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure. We encrypt the data on the pages where you provide information about the payment. Nevertheless, none of the security or encryption techniques can not be guaranteed for the protection of information against hackers or human mistake. The information we collect may be stored or processed on computers located in any country in which we operate.

Contact usTo top

Avocadolist Company will be glad to hear from you a review of this Privacy Policy. If you have questions, comments or concerns about this Policy, please contact us by e-mail at